The Great Pumpkin Patch

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Past Years at The Great Pumpkin Patch

We never went to Pumpkin Patches growing up. I’m not sure if there just wasn’t one around us, or why we didn’t go. I remember one year, we stopped at a church that had a ton of pumpkins and hay bales set up nicely in an extra parking lot. Now-a-days, EVERYONE makes their annual fall trip to the pumpkin patch. Not wanting to be left out, we took Bryson when he was just a month and a half old. We chose The Great Pumpkin Patch in Hayden, AL. The pumpkin patch was absolutely amazing, but Bryson wasn’t too thrilled with our adventure. Last year, he had just turned a year old, so Alex and I had high hopes for an amazing time. He really just liked being able to “run” around in all the open space.

2016: A Trip worth Capturing

FINALLY- we had the most entertaining trip to the pumpkin patch. Bryson loved all the tractors, had a blast on the hay ride, and even exclaimed “Look at all the pumpkins!! They’re everywhere!!” when we made it to the patch.  He ran all around the pumpkin patch, looking at every pumpkin. Bryson found the perfect tiny pumpkin and carried it around for a while. He kept saying, “I got a little one.” And Alex tried to hard to convince him to get a “big ole pumpkin”. Bryson found one that he was willing to try, but he went back to his little one when he couldn’t pick it up. A few planes even flew over us while we were out in the patch!

Now, I’m not saying the past 2 years weren’t memorable or worth capturing. You know I love my pictures of my sweet little man. BUT, our memories and pictures from this year blow the previous 2 years out of the water!!


pumpkin-patch-001 pumpkin-patch-002 pumpkin-patch-003 pumpkin-patch-004 pumpkin-patch-005 pumpkin-patch-006 pumpkin-patch-007 pumpkin-patch-008 pumpkin-patch-009 pumpkin-patch-010 pumpkin-patch-011 pumpkin-patch-012 pumpkin-patch-013

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